Jennifer Leader

Three Weeks After Ketamine Coma




Pre-coma Evaluation ~ 7 Minutes ~ 340K

3 Weeks Post-Coma ~ 20 Minutes ~ 340K



The effects of the 3-day, 4-hour ketamine treatment on the appearance of the face can be subtle.

Three weeks after the ketamine coma procedure the research subject suffered an acute exacerbation of CRPS associated with swelling in the face. Following a 3-day, 4-hour ketamine treatment swelling and allodynia of the face decreased (Upper photo shows transition)

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Many patients and their families comment about changes in facial appearance following treatment with ketamine


Pain thresholds were measured on the following day after each 4-hour ketamine infusion. In addition, pain thresholds were measured 2 days after sympathetic nerve blocks to the left upper extremity and left lower extremity. Pre-coma pain thresholds are presented for comparison.  Pain on the left side of the body tended to be worse than the right side pre-coma.







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