Shannon Stocker MD

Celebrates 2 Years After Ketamine Coma

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2 Years Post Ketamine Coma ~ 17 Minutes ~ 340K

Pre-Coma Evaluation ~ 50 Minutes ~340K



You may consider adding (1) other item to the current list of (3) that summarized the most important factors that were noticed for Shannon's recovery, and that would be sleep.  

We both noticed a marked difference in her recovery from the pain and efficacy of the boosters between times when she was getting consistent sleep and when she was not.  I realize that sleep could be lumped in somewhat with stress reduction, but because it was so important, it may be of benefit to further highlight it.

Greg Stocker (Husband)


PS: Cassidy's a girl of the 21st century and therefore has her own website, complete with photos, blog, and video that are periodically updated.
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