"I can touch my feet without pain. It is a very hard concept for me to grasp right now. I think touching is going to hurt but it doesn’t. I took a shower today and the water didn’t hurt. I am so happy I can not explain it in words, so I sent you a photo. Sure does look a little better than me in a coma!"

Kaci Corrigan

Monterrey, Mexico

July 10, 2007


Ana Gutierrez comforts 15 year old Kaci during the 5-day ketamine coma. Ana underwent the ketamine coma procedure two years ago at the age of 18.

Kaci is testing her feet for allodynia four days after emerging from the ketamine coma.

Kaci is the youngest research subject thus far to undergo the ketamine coma study in Monterrey, Mexico. She has suffered severe allodynia in her lower extremities due to RSD / CRPS since March 2005. Kaci was hospitalized several times for the administration low dose IV infusions of ketamine for 7-10 days at a time. She has been unable to

wean off the ketamine without going into a full-blown pain crises. Kaci’s mother practiced as an ICU nurse in Denver, Colorado.


Before the ketamine coma procedure Kaci was unable to walk on her heels. This severe disability is documented in the video linked below which was recorded on October 4, 2006:




 Update: July 19, 2007

Hello everyone, I am so sorry for the delay in updates. On Sunday, July 15th I had my first Ketamine booster. Elena Cohen (coma patient before me) was in Monterrey the same day receiving her third booster. It was great to meet Elena, her husband Isaac, and their daughter Jess. Isaac took us out to dinner Sunday night and we had a good time. It was really great for me to talk to Elena.

On Monday, July 16th I had my first day of pool therapy. I guess after going to CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) no physical therapy can come close to a comparison. I just didn’t feel challenged enough and felt I could do the water therapy in any pool by myself. Therefore we cut the week short and returned home today.

I am so excited to be home. I am not at all back to myself yet. I am still having a lot of difficulty sleeping and am completely exhausted. The great news is that the allodynia (hypersensitivity) to my feet and ankles remains gone! I can still touch my feet, wear slippers and shoes and it doesn’t hurt. The thing I love most is taking showers! The water doesn’t hurt me! Same thing with the pool… the water feels good and not painful. My deep pain is still present in my feet and knees however the pain changes and is not always as severe as it was previous to the coma. The deep pain in my arms, hands, neck, and back is gone! From the previous patients their pain lessened with each booster.

Carepage Photo

Out to dinner with Elena Cohen (previous coma patient before Kaci)

and her family.

I will have my second booster in Tampa, FL with Dr. Kirkpatrick on August 8th. My third booster will be done in Monterrey August 18th by Dr. Cantu. There will be a few more boosters after that but they are not scheduled yet.

I cannot even tell you how wonderful Dr. Cantu has been. He was there with me every step of the way and I can’t thank him enough! Thank you all again for all your encouragement, it means a lot to me. I will keep you all updated and hope to see most of you soon!

Kaci Corrigan

Denver, Colorado

July 19, 2007





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