RSD / CRPS is One of the Most

Disabling Complications After Stroke



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This 63-year-old patient suffered for eight years with pain on the right side of the body following a stroke.

The patient was at increase risk for the 3-day treatment with escalating doses of ketamine given his history of smoking, history of myocardial infarction, as well as a cerebellar stroke. 

Following the 3-day treatment with intravenous ketamine his allodynia disappeared for the first time in eight years and he was able to walk on his heels and toes without assistance. The patient maintained these improvements when examined 10 week after the ketamine infusion. In addition, the patient maintained decrease swelling in the face. (See before and after photos above)

The patient and his wife provided permission to educate the public with the 13-minute video.



Viewers are encouraged to obtain information about outcome from patients who report their outcome (good and/or bad) on the internet in the numerous videos on this website and from articles published in peer review journals.

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