June 27, 2008

A school teacher from Connecticut, USA underwent the ketamine coma procedure in Monterrey, Mexico. There was significant improvement in pain and function following emergence from the ketamine coma. She was able to walk for the first time in over two years.

Five weeks after the ketamine coma, she underwent three days of infusions of ketamine lasting four hours each to further improve her function and pain due CRPS.

Some patients experience terrifying hallucination with ketamine. This case illustrates strategies that might minimize the hallucinations caused by high doses of ketamine.

The graph above illustrates that following the administration of escalating doses of IV ketamine over three consecutive days there was normalization of pain thresholds. This was accomplished as an outpatient. The following videos show that the patient had significant functional improvements after the 3-day ketamine treatment. Side effects are discussed:

Pre-Treatment Evaluation ~ 12 Minutes ~ 340K


Post-Treatment Evaluation ~ 6 Minutes ~ 340K



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